Mint Hill Self Storage and its affiliates provide services to you, subject to the terms and conditions as follows:

Mint Hill Self Storage’s website, , allows you to rent or reserve a unit from Mint Hill Self Storage directly. Our site also provides you with the ability to reserve or potentially rent a unit from facilities other than Mint Hill Self Storage through our referral network. Mint Hill Self Storage is not in partnership with these other facilities in the referral network, and cannot control their actions. As a result, our terms and conditions are separated into these two categories: Mint Hill Self Storage facilities and non-Mint Hill Self Storage facilities.

Mint Hill Self Storage Facilities


Features and amenities vary at each facility. Please contact us at each facility directly to confirm any features or amenities.

Unit Information

Unit sizes are approximate; actual unit sizes may vary from the listed size. Please examine your unit before signing the lease agreement.


A reservation is not a rental agreement. A reservation holds the selected unit type for up to fourteen (14) days. However, Mint Hill Self Storage reserves the right to cancel your reservation, or make a unit substitution, at any time before you sign a lease agreement. We encourage you to rent a unit online while the unit size you need is available, as demand for storage units is high.

Promotions and Offers

All available promotions, specials, and offers are limited to new customers only and are based upon unit availability and unit sizes. Please contact facilities directly to confirm the availability of a particular promotion, special, or offer. Promotions, specials, and offers cannot be combined unless otherwise stated in the promotion, special or offer itself.  

All promotions, specials, and offers are subject to the standard fees for rentals, such as an administration fee and the protection plan fee, if applicable. Therefore, additional fees will apply when a new customer uses a promotion, special or offer, including the one month free or one month for $1 promotion.

All pricing or offers (standard rates as well as promotions, specials, and offers) are subject to change or terminate  without notice. Online pricing may be lower than walk-in pricing, or may not, depending on various promotions running or other factors. Mint Hill Self Storage reserves the right to offer different prices to customers online and customers walking in.


By sharing your contact information with Mint Hill Self Storage (email or telephone number) you consent to be contacted by Mint Hill Self Storage by telephone call, text, and/or email. Your contact information will not be shared with third parties, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Auto Pay

Online enrollment in autopay constitutes an electronic signature, which has the same effect as a handwritten signature on a paper contract. Enrollment in autopay authorizes Mint Hill Self Storage to automatically charge your credit card or debit card, or debit your bank account, monthly, for the amount due on your bill. The amount debited will automatically increase or decrease as the rental rates increase or decrease, in accordance with your Rental Agreement.

To cancel your autopay, please contact your facility or our corporate office.

If your bank or card information has any changes, including the expiration date, you must sign in to your online account or contact your facility to update your auto pay information.

Mint Hill Self Storage is not liable for erroneous bill statements or incorrect debits or charges. However, if notified of a billing error, Mint Hill Self Storage will verify and correct it.

If an autopay payment is rejected, refused, returned, disputed, or reversed by your financial institution or card issuer for any reason, Mint Hill Self Storage may charge you a returned payment fee and/or late payment fee, and may cancel your auto pay enrollment. Mint Hill Self Storage will attempt to give you a courtesy call to arrange payment. However, if the payment is not made, you will be subject to the lien enforcement procedures stated in your Rental Agreement.

Protection Plan

Your stored items are not covered by Mint Hill Self Storage’s insurance. Mint Hill Self Storage offers a Protection Plan so your stored items can be covered under certain circumstances. Protection Plans are NOT insurance. Please review our Protection Plan details.

Trademarks & Copyright

Mint Hill Self Storage is a registered trademark.

All content and web design on Mint Hill Self Storage’s website, mobile app, and other technology platforms that exist now or will be developed, belong to Mint Hill Self Storage and cannot be copied or reused. Reposting our content is also prohibited. Similarly, content cannot be reposted or reused even if changes are made to the content in order to avoid copyright infringement.

Links to Other Sites

Mint Hill Self Storage’s website may link to third party websites Mint Hill Self Storage does not own or have any control of. We make no representations or warranties on these third party sites, nor do we endorse such sites or their content.

Privacy Policy

Mint Hill Self Storage values our customers and believes in transparency. Please review our Privacy Policy.


Mint Hill Self Storage’s website, mobile app, and any other technology platforms are provided “as is” without any representations or warranties. We are not responsible for failures, such as network connectivity or transmissions failures, or any technical, hardware and/or software failures.


Terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice. Revised terms and conditions will be posted here.

Applicable Law

Mint Hill Self Storage is formed and does business within North Carolina. The laws of North Carolina shall apply.

Non-Storage Outlet Facilities (Referral Network)

At Mint Hill Self Storage our customers are our first priority. If we don’t have a storage facility in your neighborhood, we want to help you find one. For this reason, we allow you to search for non-Mint Hill Self Storage facilities on our website. You can even reserve or potentially rent a unit from a non-Mint Hill Self Storage facility on our website. This gives you an easy web user experience we think is important.

However, we do not own or manage these other facilities. We cannot control or influence these facilities, nor make any warranties, representations, or guarantees regarding their customer service or storage quality.

While on you are subject to the Mint Hill Self Storage Terms and Conditions. However, any reservations or rentals for non-Mint Hill Self Storage facilities are made with that facility directly, not with Mint Hill Self Storage. Therefore, when transacting with a another facility, even while on Mint Hill Self Storage’s site, you are bound by that facility’s terms and other contracts, including but not limited to their website’s Terms of Use. Please contact the company or their website for more information and to review their terms.

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