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How You Can Declutter Even the Tiniest of Spaces

Julian Lane | February 11, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

When we live in a small space like an apartment or condo, organization can be difficult. Yet, living in a cluttered environment isn't good for our mental or even physical health. If you're struggling to find a way to keep your home tidy, here are some helpful hints.

Why Declutter?

Clutter does more than simply stress us out. It can make us overeat, cause respiratory issues, and even create household safety issues, like fire hazards. If you work at home, it can even be impede you financially. Messy environs cause us to lose focus and productivity, and they encourage bad spending habits. Overall, if you live in a small space, it's time to take control and structure your life today. In some cases, this requires a complete overhaul of your belongings, and you'll need to be as ruthless as possible, but that’s easier said than done. As you start to cull your belongings, some items will be too difficult to part with. When that happens, you can always consider short-term storage until you’re ready to make a decision. Keeping that in mind can make decluttering a less overwhelming process.

Use Practical Furniture

Much of a home's space is dedicated to furniture, which can leave little room for storage capacity. To combat this, look for pieces that conceal storage. This could mean a sofa or ottoman that opens up, or a multi-tiered coffee table where you can keep a collection of books or knick knacks. If you're of the crafting variety, you can build your own storage benches to place in every room you need. These give you and your family a place to sit while providing room to hide your goods. You can also make a version that doubles as a media stand, or vanity to get increased use.

Built-In Shelving

Putting up shelving can be a great space-saver and provides much-needed organization. However, having shelves installed can be pricey. According to How Much Is It, this sort of project could run anywhere from $150 to $375 per linear foot to have them built and installed. Despite the price, shelves offer great function when you have limited space. If you feel up to the challenge, you can build your own version for a fraction of the cost. It's relatively straightforward to do, and you don't need complex tools.

Reimagine Your Kitchen

Our kitchens can suffer the most when we’re tight on square footage. Thankfully, there are ways to save space when it comes to cookware. Start by adding some wall shelves up high. You may need a stool to reach your goods, but this is a great way to store items you seldom use but aren't ready to part with. You can also mount a rack behind your oven and hang S-hooks. Here, you can hang pots and pans, freeing up cabinet space for other necessities. Similarly, put a rack on the back of cabinet doors to hang lids without losing precious space or creating unnecessary clutter.

Update Your Closet

Like our kitchen, our closets can quickly become chaotic. The trick is to get creative with storage space while maintaining cleanliness and order. Try layering your hangers with a chain to drape all your shirts on one, and your slacks on another. You could add clothes pegs to hangers to double their load, as well. Hang as much as you can, including hand bags and shoes, to save space and keep everything in top condition. You may be surprised by how much room is left when you’re done.

Stay On Top of Cleaning

Once you have your space organized, you’ll need to stay on top of cleaning to keep it that way. Keeping a clean home makes it easier to stay organized and helps to lower stress while simultaneously improving productivity. If you lack the time to do it, you might look into local apartment cleaning services or a professional who focuses on small spaces. Fortunately, you can simplify your efforts with an online search tool to find qualified candidates in your vicinity who fit your budget. According to Care, the average rate for a cleaning service in the Charlotte area runs around $12.50 an hour.

A small home doesn't have to be a cluttered one. No matter how tight the space, you can stay on top of your organization and cleanliness, and improve the quality of your life. With a little resolve, some organization and help with cleaning, your home can be the haven you need.


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